To my sweet son, at 8 months old

February 26, 2012

Oh, Lucas.  How many times have I started this post in my mind, while rocking you, nursing you, or just rushing around trying to keep up with you and Maggie?

Maggie getting to know Lucas - June, 2011

Happy place for mama and baby - August, 2011

Dreamy, milky smile - September 2011

Before bed - September 2011

Lucas in his exersaucer - October 2011

I feel so bad that it’s taken me EIGHT MONTHS to write a post dedicated to you!  But that’s reflective of what life has been like since you were born – i.e., utterly crazy insane.  How many phases have you passed through, now, that I have barely been able to note, let alone document?

Enough of mother guilt, though.  Let me celebrate you.  🙂

You are a wonderfully resilient, joyful boy.  I can’t help but compare you at 8 months old to your sister — you are active, physical, and curious about the tactile world in a way that she never was.  You were up on your hands and knees at barely 5 months old (!), pulling up to standing at 6 1/2 months, and cruising by 7 months.  I totally expect you to walk at any minute, which seems to be an expectation YOU share, given your habit of pulling up on something and then simply letting go, full of confidence that you will remain upright.

You have gotten a LOT of goose eggs.

December 2011 - in Chicago, and up on hands and knees!

You love boobs.  You and I have had the BEST time nursing together!  You’re a very fast nurser, which was a blessing when you were an infant because I didn’t have to stay on the couch for hours at a time.  (Not that I would have anyway – you nursed on the go in the Ergo starting at around 2 weeks old.)  Now, you’re just a little TOO quick during the day to wiggle out of my lap – because you have places to GO and things to DO! – but every time we get to snuggle up in the rocking chair or – best of all – in bed at naptime, you actually pant with mouth-open-wide delight at the prospect of milk. When you’re full, you sit up, smile, and pat my boobs affectionately.  When you take a spill (what we refer to as “Lucas wrecking himself”), you are frequently soothed just by being near my chest – regardless of whether you nurse or not.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can reassure you with my body, in a way that I never could with your sister.

Naked baby on the go! January, 2012

Mediating your relationship with Maggie has been the most difficult task of my career as a mom.  You find her ENDLESSLY fascinating and amusing – in fact, you hero worship her.  Nobody can make you laugh like she can, and I know she loves the adoring way you look at her.

Stealing Luca's place in the exersaucer - Oct 2011

However, she is clearly uneasy about being pushed aside as the only child.  I have had to work very hard to protect you from her jabby, pointy fingers – and even so, she’s poked you in the eye more times than I can count.  I’m sorry I haven’t always been able to shield you.  We had a brief window of time between 5 and 6 1/2 months old or so where she seemed to have finally accustomed herself to your presence — and then you began pulling up on things.  And cruising.  And getting into her stuff.  And that?  That set us back to square one.  Which is where we are right now.

Uh oh. January 2012.

So, I do the best I can — I cuddle her and love on her and reassure her, and also cuddle you and love on you and reassure you.  Often, this means I am holding 50 pounds + of baby and toddler.

Arms of steel. January 2012.

You get carried in the Ergo a LOT.  You’ve probably napped there just as often as you have in a bed or a crib.  (In fact, you are napping on my back as I type this.)

December, 2011.

I’m glad that you are one hell of a solid kid.  Your giant head might be even bigger than Maggie’s, at 2 1/2 years old.  Your back is wide and solid – I can feel just how broad your chest and shoulders will be someday.  Just like Daddy’s.  🙂

Two manly men. October, 2011.

You are a baby of few words.  One, in fact.  And that word is “Mmmm-eee.”  Or perhaps “Emmmmmy.”  It means “Mommy.”  I really only hear it when you are crying out for me at night; otherwise, I get a “Heeeeeee – heeeeeeeeeeee” and a big grin of delight.  You are far too focused on what you can accomplish with your pudgy little hands to worry about things like language.

I admire your boldness and bravery, even though I wince every time you wreck yourself.  I hope you are always as fearless and self-confident (although I will probably rue this hope when you hit your teen years – something I don’t even want to think about yet!).

I love you with all my heart, my beautiful, cuddly, loving boy.




2 Responses to “To my sweet son, at 8 months old”

  1. Washington Cube Says:

    I would check in periodically, and I knew you were both extremely busy with two little ones in the house. They are both beautiful, and it’s amazing how fast Lucas has reached those “milestones” that are in place to mark growth and progress. Such a lovely family. You all look very happy.

  2. sparklepirate Says:

    Hi Cube!

    Yep, this past year has been just insane. Thank you for the kind words! I feel very fortunate, indeed, to have my two wonderful, healthy kids and my awesome husband. Life is good. 🙂

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