38 weeks, 2 days

June 9, 2011

Matt and I stayed up late last night talking about Grabbels, and our giddy anticipation of his arrival.  It was wonderful to hear how excited Matt was, because I know he’s really nervous about how to balance work, school, time with Maggie and me, and the demands of a newborn.  (I don’t blame him!)   I think we may have even settled on a name, at long, long last.  🙂  I fell asleep feeling on the edge of something big.

I woke up again feeling like something wonderful was just around the corner.  Even with 6 hours of sleep, I still felt clear-eyed and excited.  I wondered if today would be the day.  (Spoiler alert:  no.  ;))  But I can tell that the day is close — so very, very close.

I’m spending my days floating along in a sea of happy, dreamy hormones.  Even the 100 degree temperatures, cruel even when you aren’t 9 months pregnant, have failed to make me cranky.   It’s sort of the floaty, blissful feeling I had right after Maggie was born (before the sleep deprivation set in!), only this time it’s before the birth.  I know that these days are so numbered — our days as a family of three are very short.  I want to squeeze in as much time one on one with Maggie while I can, even as I bustle about, nesting furiously.

I had another ultrasound this morning.  Thank the Lord, my AFI number has actually gone DOWN.  30 this week, versus 33 last week!  Besides that, Grabbels has sunk down very low in my pelvis.  He’s head down, facing my back — so in perfect birth position.

Any day now.  I’m ready.



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