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Welcome to the world, Lucas Everett!

June 25, 2011

Lucas Everett Boyd was born at 3:50 p.m. on June 22, 2011 (his official due date), weighing 10 pounds, 2 ounces, and measuring 21″ long.


I will write up and post my birth story soon, because it’s a doozy!  But the short version is that he was born on the day HE picked – no induction this time! – and I gave birth totally naturally.  No epidural, no drugs!  AND I birthed this big boy without tearing or ripping — my lady bits are completely intact.  What an amazing experience – I’m still feeling high off the birth!

Lucas nurses like a dream, and is a wonderfully easy baby.  It’s amazing how much easier things are when the baby gets a chance to “cook” completely.




39 weeks, 2 days

June 17, 2011

What’s left to say, really?

Except OMFG.

My ultrasound yesterday indicated that my fluid continues to go down (AFI is now 28, I think), and that Grabby is huge.  HUGE!  I take the measurements with a tablespoon or two of salt, but they estimated him at 10 pounds, 2 oz. yesterday.  Looking at the size of my stomach, I don’t find that hard to believe.

I still think he’ll be about 9 and a half pounds, though.

I keep getting keyed up for labor, and then nothing happens.  We had a full moon last night, and I was SOOOO sure that Grabby would make an appearance.  But no.  Nada, bupkis, zilch.  Just more gentle contractions overnight, more plug, and another morning dawning with no baby.

So…. I give up on predicting when Grabby will appear.  Obviously, he’s got his own time frame, and it ain’t mine.  I’ve got to let it go, and just be patient, even though it’s REALLY hard because I want to meet my son already!


39 weeks

June 14, 2011

Oh, Grabbels.  Please vacate the premises.  Please.

Sadly, my serenity of last week is pretty well gone (although it might be renewed tomorrow when I get one last pregnancy massage – ahhhhh!).  I’m really hurting physically, and sleep is just about non-existent.  The good news is that Grabby continues to seem perfectly fine and healthy, and my AFI is stable.  I also am about 60% effaced right now, and lost one big chunk of plug last night, along with another big chunk this evening.  (I know — so appetizing.)  My midwife said my cervix is very, very soft, albeit still quite high and not dilated at all.

I know that the plug/effacement/dilation stuff doesn’t really mean much in terms of when Grabbels will appear, but I’m still crossing my fingers that I’ll have a baby by the end of this week.  There’s a full moon tomorrow, after all!  🙂  And I’m still having contractions overnight – and actually, have been having them this evening as well.  Pleeeeeeeeeease let me meet my little boy soon!


38 weeks, 2 days

June 9, 2011

Matt and I stayed up late last night talking about Grabbels, and our giddy anticipation of his arrival.  It was wonderful to hear how excited Matt was, because I know he’s really nervous about how to balance work, school, time with Maggie and me, and the demands of a newborn.  (I don’t blame him!)   I think we may have even settled on a name, at long, long last.  🙂  I fell asleep feeling on the edge of something big.

I woke up again feeling like something wonderful was just around the corner.  Even with 6 hours of sleep, I still felt clear-eyed and excited.  I wondered if today would be the day.  (Spoiler alert:  no.  ;))  But I can tell that the day is close — so very, very close.

I’m spending my days floating along in a sea of happy, dreamy hormones.  Even the 100 degree temperatures, cruel even when you aren’t 9 months pregnant, have failed to make me cranky.   It’s sort of the floaty, blissful feeling I had right after Maggie was born (before the sleep deprivation set in!), only this time it’s before the birth.  I know that these days are so numbered — our days as a family of three are very short.  I want to squeeze in as much time one on one with Maggie while I can, even as I bustle about, nesting furiously.

I had another ultrasound this morning.  Thank the Lord, my AFI number has actually gone DOWN.  30 this week, versus 33 last week!  Besides that, Grabbels has sunk down very low in my pelvis.  He’s head down, facing my back — so in perfect birth position.

Any day now.  I’m ready.


Double hmm.

June 5, 2011

More cramping.  I wonder if I might see my plug soon!

I went into an insane whirlwind of nesting last night.  Today, we are finally getting Maggie’s big girl bed set up in her room, and I’ve stocked my bedside table with little itty bitty diapers, wipes and some nursing pads.

37 weeks, 5 days today.  I’d like to get to 38 weeks at least — I don’t want to miss LLL tomorrow, and I still want to cook some more before he arrives!


June 4, 2011

A little bit crampy, now and again.  Like period cramps.  Different than my Braxton Hicks, which have been persistent since about week 18.


37 weeks + 2, and some style!

June 3, 2011

37 weeks, 2 days

A 2 year old’s sense of style.  Miss Maggie is completely, 120% in love with this sweatband and her sunglasses.  I am having a really hard time getting her to take the headband off long enough to wash her hair!  She insists on sleeping in it, playing in it, and going out in it.

Also important to her style — hearts.

She’s uttered some amazing phrases lately.   Apparently onion rings are “eyebrows,” and tater tots are “chicken brows.”  I have no idea where these bon mots came from, but I LOVE THEM.  My favorite, however, happened the other day.  Maggie spotted Matt getting out of the shower, walked up and pointed at his netherhairs, and said, “Daddy’s grass!”

Yes, indeed, darling.  Daddy’s grass.  😉


37 weeks + 1

June 1, 2011

Uncharted territory from here on out; I had Maggie at 37 weeks exactly, so this is all new to me!

I spent a good half hour at 4:45 this morning communing with my sweet boy – telling him how much I love him, and how much I want him to meet us on his own good time and on his terms.  I held my belly in my arms, feeling where his butt and feet were, and cradling him gently.  Soon he’ll be cradled in my arms — but not yet, not yet.

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday, and got a shock.  My midwife measured me at 44 cm — so once again, I’m measuring 7 weeks ahead, just like with Maggie.  It was a major increase from last week, when I measured just 3 weeks ahead.  So she sent me right away for another ultrasound, where the suspected diagnosis of polyhydramnios was confirmed.  I would have just brushed it off (yeah, duh, I know – I produce a lot of fluid) except that the midwife mentioned just WHY poly is a concern — if my water were to break, the force of so much fluid could wash the umbilical cord out of me, ahead of the baby.   A prolapsed cord is cause for calling 911 and an immediate c-section – no ifs ands or buts.  It’s an Emergency.

When she told me this, it put such fear into me that my teeth nearly chattered.  I know that it’s just a possible complication, not a foregone conclusion, but it scared me so much!   I did some research last night on poly and prolapsed cords, but eventually realized that there was nothing I could do about either, and that I should be putting my energy into thinking positively.  So I spent time visualizing the amount of fluid in my uterus going down…. visualizing a healthy birth that starts at home….. visualizing my beautiful baby boy being born with no complications, in an atmosphere full of love and absent fear.

I love you, sweetheart.  Be born when it’s YOUR time.