33.5 weeks

May 7, 2011

I have been SO blessed with this pregnancy.

33 weeks – taken just after my bout with food poisoning!

I am SO much healthier this time around than I was with Maggie.  I have gained 25 pounds (okay, maybe 27), versus the at LEAST 50 I’d gained with Maggie at this point (I gained 80 total with her – GULP).  I have no swelling in my ankles and feet, no extra fluid in utero (which means I can feel every GIGANTIC kick that Grabby gives me to the ribs!), very little pelvic/hip pain, and I just generally feel well and whole and well-nourished.  I’ve taken much better care of myself this time – I get massages every few weeks, go to see my physical therapist to get my pelvis adjusted, and eat tons of protein and fresh fruits and veggies — I eat almost no pre-fab foods with additives and such.  (No diet coke, either.)  I spend lots of time stretching, squatting and on my feet, moving around and doing housework.  I feel confident that Grabby’s birth will be easy, too, and he’ll be a big, healthy boy.

I can’t wait until he’s here!!

I spent a good bit of time this morning in bed, just stroking my tum and communing with him.  The only regret I have about this pregnancy is that I’ve been so concerned with Maggie – how she’ll react to having a sibling, whether she’ll feel rejected, etc. – that I’ve had very little time or energy to concentrate on Grabby himself, the way I did with Mrs. Migglesworth.  So it was so nice to enjoy some peace and quiet, just talking to him and loving on him.  (Why yes, this was my day to sleep in while Matt watched Maggie.  Woohoo!)

He’s so much more active than Maggie was — or at least that’s my perception; the extra amniotic fluid may have muted her movements — and it’s really cool!  Even the midwife and nurse commented on how gigantic his movements were when I was in L&D last Saturday (thank you, dehydration and food poisoning!).  I wonder what he’ll be like – will he be a super physical baby?  Maggie’s always been focused on the verbal end of development; maybe he’ll be the exact opposite.  I dearly hope that he and Maggie become good friends, and if they’re very different, maybe that will help because there won’t be as much temptation to compete with one another.

Jeez – I still can’t believe it sometimes.  I’m having A SON!  Oh my heavens!  What a blessing!




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