Almost 17 weeks

January 9, 2011

Damn you, pelvic/lower back pain.  Damn you.

I thought I remembered having more energy by this point during my pregnancy with Maggie, but I just looked back through my archives and apparently I was still rather sluggish.  That makes me feel better, because LAWD, I have no energy right now (except in odd bursts).  I’m sure that hauling a 27-pound toddler around ain’t helping matters any — and Maggie wants to be carried EVERYWHERE right now.  Arg.

I am definitely nesting, though — I’m all in a fever to get the house remodeled and ish so that we have more space for Grabbels.  Let’s get some built-in bookshelves going!  New, more compact kitchen table!  And let’s not forget my sudden urge to get a minivan.

Grabbels is definitely moving around and making himself known (“him” is my guess — we won’t know for a few more weeks), although again, I swear that Maggie was more active.   My memory ain’t shit these days, though!

Anyway, fatigued and signing out.



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