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19 weeks

January 26, 2011

Picture actually from 18 weeks, or maybe 17.  I don’t remember.  It’s a BLUR, I tell you.

(My favorite part of this picture, in any event, is Maggie mugging for the mirror.)

I am so tired.  And hungry.  I’ve STILL only gained 6 pounds, though (although seriously, I’m beginning to think my scale is just lying, because there’s no way I’ve only gained six.  I swear I gained six pounds in the first 30 seconds of my pregnancy with Maggie). I guess I’m generally just more active this time around, and definitely more conscious of the fact that NO, you cannot just gleefully breastfeed all those preggie pounds off (unless you’re my sister Abbey and breastfeeding twins).

(I dropped 15 pounds without any effort whatsoever as soon as I STOPPED pumping milk for Maggie, however.)

(How many parentheticals can I use in one post?)

ANYhoodle, so yeah, I’m not using pregnancy as an excuse to eat my way through Giant.   All those pounds gained with reckless abandon must later be sweated off, slowly and painfully, whilst wearing two jogging bras and turning red-faced with exertion.

I’m finally really starting to feel Grabbels move around on a regular basis, which is awesome.  Those little squiggles are just too cool!   It’s sometimes hard to sit back and just enjoy this stage of pregnancy, because I’m so tied up in following a suddenly daredevil-ish Maggie around, trying to keep her from killing herself before the age of 2.  But every night, I curl up, rub my belly and say “hello” to my sweet Grabbels — and now she/he is really saying hello back.  🙂




Almost 17 weeks

January 9, 2011

Damn you, pelvic/lower back pain.  Damn you.

I thought I remembered having more energy by this point during my pregnancy with Maggie, but I just looked back through my archives and apparently I was still rather sluggish.  That makes me feel better, because LAWD, I have no energy right now (except in odd bursts).  I’m sure that hauling a 27-pound toddler around ain’t helping matters any — and Maggie wants to be carried EVERYWHERE right now.  Arg.

I am definitely nesting, though — I’m all in a fever to get the house remodeled and ish so that we have more space for Grabbels.  Let’s get some built-in bookshelves going!  New, more compact kitchen table!  And let’s not forget my sudden urge to get a minivan.

Grabbels is definitely moving around and making himself known (“him” is my guess — we won’t know for a few more weeks), although again, I swear that Maggie was more active.   My memory ain’t shit these days, though!

Anyway, fatigued and signing out.