Poor Grabbels.

December 27, 2010

Back when I was pregnant with Maggie, I thought about her constantly – wondering what type of person she’d be, wondering what she’d look like, marveling at her movements.  Now, I barely have time to remember that I’m pregnant, let alone ponder the miracle of the new little person inside of me.

So, I’m 14 weeks.  Ish.  If it weren’t for the calendar on the wall, where I wrote down my week-by-week gestation back in September, I probably would have no clue how far along I am.   I’m pretty sure I’m feeling little Grabbels moving around in utero, but it’s still very faint and sporadic.  I think Grabbels is gonna be a very different baby than Maggie — when I had my first trimester ultra-screen a few weeks ago, the tech could hardly get the measurements because Grabbels refused to move into proper position.  In fact, he/she didn’t move much at all – just a stretch here and there, and then back to sleep.  It was SO different than my ultra-screen with Maggie, where the tech ALSO could hardly get the measurements, but it was because Maggie was bouncing!  around!  all over the place!

This pregnancy has been different in other ways as well — I’ve barely gained any weight (maybe 3 pounds), and I can still wear one pair of regular, button-up jeans (fully buttoned up, no less).  For sure, my tum’s rounding out, but I’m just not as fat as I was the first time around.

Me at 11 weeks (I think).  Maggie ponders her own baby belly.

Of course, the fact that I puked a LOT more in my first trimester this time (and had food poisoning, and then had flu for 4 days!) may have something to do with the lack of weight gain.  🙂

Also unlike my pregnancy with Maggs, I don’t have any strong convictions about what sex this baby is.  I KNEW Maggie was a girl from the 6-week point on, but with Grabbels, I have no idea.  I’m leaning slightly toward boy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a girl, either.   I’m really getting excited for that 20-week scan to find out — only 4 or 5 weeks away!

Sweet dreams, little Grabbels — Mama loves you!



One Response to “Poor Grabbels.”

  1. Queenie Says:

    Yay! Congrats!! Hope everything keeps going well!

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