Well, well well.

October 15, 2010

Soooooooo, I haven’t posted in forever.  This is mostly due to a couple of things:

1.  Every time I try to get on the computer, Maggie either (a) hollers “all dee!” (all done) and tries to slam the laptop lid closed on my fingers or (b) tries to wiggle in between the computer and me so she can type too.  Not helpful.  By the time she goes to bed, I’m so brain dead that I can’t even form coherent thoughts, let alone entire paragraphs.  (And you know you’re brain dead when you’re too out of it to BLOG – an activity which requires about two brain cells to rub together.)

2.  I’ve been so fucking sad about the loss of my baby back in May.  It’s been much, much harder for me to deal with than I thought.

But!  Somehow the stars have aligned today and I am typing soooooooooooooooo….. let’s see where we are, shall we?

Maggie turned 17 months old yesterday.  She is an amazing fucking wunderkind.  She can count to three, form entire sentences, and mimic pretty much any word that you ask her to say (my niece and nephews tried everything they could think of a few weeks ago, up to and including Abu Dhabi, and she nailed them all!).  She has a sly sense of humor — for example, she pronounces “salami” as “sammami.”  The other night at dinner, she kept repeating, “sammami.  sammami,” and then grinned and said “sammami and daddy.” Word play, whut!

She has also been known to request “sammami” at 4:30 in the morning.

In other news, I’m pregnant again.  Insert emoticon that expresses OMGAWESOME and SUPERSTITIOUS DOWNPLAYING OF EXCITEMENT and FINGERS CROSSED.

But yeah, I’m due June 22, 2011 — in other words, almost exactly two years after my due date with Maggie (June 4, 2009).   Frankly, I have no idea when conception occurred this time around, because (for once) I put my stupid brain away and said “self, do not pay any attention whatsoever to when you are ovulating or when you had the sexytimes.”  And so I didn’t, and….. I have no clue when this happened.  In fact, I was so freaking dense this month that I had pregnancy symptoms crop up almost RIGHT AWAY and was too dumb to realize what they were.

Me:  “Gee, I keep having these waves of nausea / cravings for meat / I have to pee every freaking half hour! / My boobs hurt so freaking bad / the dog is acting all weird / I’m so tiiiiiiiiiired / I can’t catch my breath — which is so WEIRD because I’m obviously not pregnant!”

Fates/God/Spaghetti Monster:  “HAHAHAHAHA.”

So I’m around 4 and a half weeks (ish.  maybe.) and feeling like poop, which makes me feel good.  😀

Mama OUT!


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