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“I love you, Daddy”

August 18, 2010

I HAVE to write these things down before I forget them!

Yesterday, Maggie told me “I love you” as I was rocking her to sleep.  Oh my God!  Talk about one deliriously happy Mama!

This evening, she was crying in her crib; Matt went up to comfort her. When he put her back down, she clutched her little baby doll, said “I love you, Daddy,” rolled over and fell asleep.


1.  She says “I love you” now???  Consider my heart well and truly stomped. Holy cow.

2.  She strings three and four word sentences together??? And does this to express emotions, not needs/wants?  What the hell?  Do we have some sort of insane super brilliant baby on our hands?  Did Matt’s and my love of words somehow combine to form a child with the most amazing facility for language EVER?


Story #2.  Preface:

I let her brush her teeth with her toothbrush, so long as I can also get in there with the finger brush to really do the job right.  She likes to hide in our closet lately (she can’t shut the doors entirely, so she can’t get stuck in there or anything).

So! This morning I gave her her toothbrush and let her loose while I brushed my teeth. I then got the finger toothbrush and chased her down — she was, of course, in the closet.

When she saw me coming, she tried to shut the door and hide. After several attempts to get her out of the closet on her own terms didn’t work, I said, “Maggie, no. You need to let me brush your teeth. If you close the closet door, I’m going to have to take your toothbrush away and not let you brush your own teeth anymore.”

She paused for a moment, then handed her toothbrush to me and shut the closet door in my face.


She’s 15 months old, and I’m 32 today. Thanks for the birthday prezzies, my marvelous, amazing, stinky little kiddo!