Wordy wordy words

July 16, 2010

Dear Maggs:

So, yer Dad asked me to compile a list of all the things you say.  He actually asked for them in the order that you said them, but I’m going to ignore that part because, frankly, you’re adding words to your vocabulary at such an insane rate (like, 2 or 3 a day) that I can’t keep track anymore.  I know that this list is probably missing 10 words.  So!

Your first word was “Mama,” said at 6 months and 5 days.  “Daddy” followed a day later.

Since then:

– Diddy (for doggy)
– Mimi
– Bubba
– truck
– thippy (sippy)
– rainbow
– book
– Wow wow waggie
– Wow wow waddie
– Ma ma middie
– Ma ma maggie
– baby
– Hi
– Bye
– Saturday
– happy
– boy
– po-pee boy (pony boy)
– poop
– toot
– puppy
– all dee (all done)
– minnie (for “monkey” or “mikey”)
– day
– wowee
– yeah
– yes
– outsidey
– whuzzis?
– up abob (up above)
– so high
– whoa!
– yucky
– yummy
– Abbey
– Emmy
– carriage
– cheese
– cup
– cracker

You love to play with words.  During the course of a day recently, you said “happy boy,” “happy happy,” “happy day” pony boy,” and “poopy boy.”  😀  This is also how “wow wow waddie” evolved, which is a phrase you use for almost EVERYTHING.  You started off with “wow wow waggie,” which then became “ma ma maggie,” “ma ma maddie,” and “wa wa waddie.”  I have no idea what this actually means, but it’s cute as hell.  I’ve started calling you and Mikey “waddies,” as in, “Come on, waddies – let’s go for a walk.”

You know EXACTLY who Mimi is, and if you overhear her name, you’ll start yelling “pony boy!  pony boy!” because Mimi always sings that song to you.

You’re the bomb, Waggie.


One Response to “Wordy wordy words”

  1. Matt Says:

    14/15 Months;
    Pasta, Up Up, “Eye – Ah – Bee, Eye-Ah-Bee, EyeahBee! Iyabee! Iyabee!”

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