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Fourteen Months

July 28, 2010

Dear Maggie:

You, my darling, are the SHIT.

You are the bomb-diggity, the best of the best, the cat’s pajamas, the rockingest and awesomest little person I have ever, ever met. How is it that every month is more fun than the last??  Can we keep this up forever?  Will 14 years be exponentially cooler than 14 months?  (She says optimistically.)  I mean, SERIOUSLY.  We are having so much fun!

You have started to imitate us!

Wearing my tank top like a cape!

You have developed a twinkly-eyed and giddy sense of humor.  I took your shoes off today, and you promptly put them back on — your hands.  Oh, the belly laughs that ensued!  Because, see, SHOES DON’T GO ON YOUR HANDS.  Get it??

You know when you’re funny!

Your language skills are off the hook. You know (and use) all the key toddler words – poop, toot, burp, boob, yucky but you are also just in love with words in general.  And books!  My Lord, you and your books!

Child, you SO take after your parents in this regard.  There are baby books in every corner of our house.  I have ransacked every library in the area multiple times, trying to keep you in reading material.  You aren’t so interested in me reading books to you, though — you prefer to be alone in your book nook, going through the pages by yourself.

And when there are no books to be had, well, you make do.

You’ve started to get the concept of pretending, and it’s cool as balls to see you kiss and cuddle your little baby doll, and to “drink” out of a little teacup.  I can see that whole worlds have opened up to you, now that you can imagine and dream.

The big news, though?  The big news is that you have finally decided to walk!

I could not possibly be any prouder.

But none of what I’m saying now captures the awe and gratitude I feel every day for your presence on this earth. Every night when your Dad comes home from work, I bubble over with pent-up stories of all the cool things you did that day, because DAMN!  Every single day you do something new and hilarious and eye-popping and utterly wonderful, and it’s all I can do to not smother you with hugs and kisses every single minute.  DUDE!  I get to be your Mama, and it’s the best freaking job in the entire world!  I love life with you in it, my wonderful and precious girl!




July 18, 2010

I want another baby, so so so so bad.

– mama

Isn’t this attitude about 13 years early?

July 18, 2010

Maggie threw some food on the floor at dinner.

Matt gave her his “naughty baby” face.

Maggie threw her arms up in the air and shouted, “WHAT?!”

Dang, kid, what’s with the attitude?!  🙂

Wordy wordy words

July 16, 2010

Dear Maggs:

So, yer Dad asked me to compile a list of all the things you say.  He actually asked for them in the order that you said them, but I’m going to ignore that part because, frankly, you’re adding words to your vocabulary at such an insane rate (like, 2 or 3 a day) that I can’t keep track anymore.  I know that this list is probably missing 10 words.  So!

Your first word was “Mama,” said at 6 months and 5 days.  “Daddy” followed a day later.

Since then:

– Diddy (for doggy)
– Mimi
– Bubba
– truck
– thippy (sippy)
– rainbow
– book
– Wow wow waggie
– Wow wow waddie
– Ma ma middie
– Ma ma maggie
– baby
– Hi
– Bye
– Saturday
– happy
– boy
– po-pee boy (pony boy)
– poop
– toot
– puppy
– all dee (all done)
– minnie (for “monkey” or “mikey”)
– day
– wowee
– yeah
– yes
– outsidey
– whuzzis?
– up abob (up above)
– so high
– whoa!
– yucky
– yummy
– Abbey
– Emmy
– carriage
– cheese
– cup
– cracker

You love to play with words.  During the course of a day recently, you said “happy boy,” “happy happy,” “happy day” pony boy,” and “poopy boy.”  😀  This is also how “wow wow waddie” evolved, which is a phrase you use for almost EVERYTHING.  You started off with “wow wow waggie,” which then became “ma ma maggie,” “ma ma maddie,” and “wa wa waddie.”  I have no idea what this actually means, but it’s cute as hell.  I’ve started calling you and Mikey “waddies,” as in, “Come on, waddies – let’s go for a walk.”

You know EXACTLY who Mimi is, and if you overhear her name, you’ll start yelling “pony boy!  pony boy!” because Mimi always sings that song to you.

You’re the bomb, Waggie.


July 12, 2010

Matt was singing “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” tonight to Maggie as he got her ready for bed.  He got distracted and trailed off, at which point Maggie poked him in the arm, leaned in to catch his attention, and said, “UP ABOB DA WOW WOW WAGGIE.”

Matt finished the song.

A short post….

July 6, 2010

in lieu of the post for Month 13 that I keep intending to write. I’m sorry, Maggie! Mama is a slacker.


Conversation in my house today:

Maggie: “Outsidey?”

Me: “No, no outsidey — it’s hot.*”

Maggie: “Hot.”

Me: “Exactly. HOT.”


Maggie: “Yucky.”



*102 freaking degrees!!