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10 Months? SO AWESOME.

April 4, 2010

Dear Maggie:

So, I’ve decided that 10 months is basically the best age EVER.  Can I please bottle you up and keep you at this age always?  Because HOMYGAWD, you are so freaking hilarious and adorable and precious and precocious and cuddly, all the damn time.

I have a hard time keeping a straight face around you these days — you are SO freaking hilarious (often on purpose), especially when you are being naughty.  And oh yes, you DEFINITELY know when you’re being naughty!

You’re cruising all over the place these days, getting into everything you shouldn’t.  Your favorite things?  My computer cords, anything made out of metal, your Daddy’s guitar and guitar music, the diapers that I keep stacked in a cubby in your room, pieces of the dog’s treats, the dog’s food bowl, the dog’s water bowl, the toilet bowl (EW EW EW EW EW), the bathroom scale, and random teeny bits of matter that you somehow find on the floor or in the carpet.  I am constantly prying things out of your hands these days!

But oh man, Maggie.  I could SO gobble you up about a thousand times a day.  You love cruising and crawling around the house, but often find your way back to me because you need some hugs and cuddles.

When I am cooking dinner at night, I often look down to discover that you’ve wiggled your way over to me and are standing, clutching my legs, grinning your enormous, radiant smile up at me.

I have so much fun with you, every single day.

And I’m pretty sure you have fun with me, too.

Your verbal skills are increasing exponentially every single day.  You now say “Miggie” (for “Maggie”), “baby,” “Mommy,” “Daddy,” “diggy” (for “doggy”), “Ohhhhhhhhh DEESE” (“ohhhh, cheese!”), “danks” (“thanks”) and “yeah.”  In short, you’re pretty much amazing.  The “danks” thing caught me by surprise — one day, I handed you a toy, you said “danks,” and I said “you’re welcome” — and then did a double take and said “wait, WHAT?”  I love that you surprise me!

I also love the awesome array of hilarious faces that you make every day.

Your eating habits are — mature.  No wonder you refused to have anything to do with rice cereal / pureed food / basically any food actually made for babies.  You prefer to gobble up my orzo topped with chopped fennel, goat cheese, and orange vinaigrette.  And my whole wheat pasta with cod, roasted red pepper, sauteed onions, spinach, kalamata olives and capers.  You will eat my yogurt, but not the YoBaby yogurt.  In short, you are my little gourmand.

I know that you won’t consciously remember these beautiful, precious days when you are older, but I hope that you will always feel secure in a very deep way because you have been surrounded by love and joy since the moment you were born.

I love you so, so, so very much.  You are my sunshine.