8 1/2 months

February 3, 2010

Okay, Mama sucks at actually writing posts on time!   However, I do excel at taking cute pictures of my kid.

Maggie attempts to grab Daddy’s coffee cup while on our flight to St. Thomas – riding first class, bishes!

So, eight months.  Eight months has been hard, yo.  Maggie’s first two teeth began to make their painfully slow appearance, causing much angst, wailing, rending of garments, and major sleep disruptions.  Then those two teeth broke through, but ALAS, there was NO RELIEF, for three additional teeth had budded in the meantime.  So yeah — five teeth coming in at once.  Farewell, long stretches of sleep at night – hello, baby who wakes up every 20 minutes crying in pain.

That being said, we went to St. Thomas a few weeks ago, and the flights could not have gone more smoothly.  I was afraid that the pressure changes would hurt her sinuses and her little gums, but she was a trooper!  I should have known that any child of mine would enjoy being up in the air.  🙂  I am *very* thankful that she traveled so well.

She charmed everyone we met on our vacation.  After all, who can resist such a lovely smile?

Maggie’s a baby on the go these days.  She’s not crawling yet, but she’s soooooooooooo close.  And lack of crawling hasn’t exactly kept her from moving around – she can skootch, wiggle and roll her way across the floor.  I’ve discovered just how quickly she can move the hard way one day, when I turned my back for a second while putting away her clothes.  She wiggled across her room, grabbed the cord to the clock radio, and yanked it down off of her dresser right onto her head.

Ohhh, there was much Mommy guilt that day!

She’s also working hard to stand up.  There have been some bumps and bruises as she figures out how exactly to stay upright, but the rewards are so great — after all, she could never have played at her table before this!

Still, eight months hasn’t been entirely difficult.  There’s definitely a lot of joy in seeing my precious girl get bigger, stronger, and more confident every day — even if I get a little twinge now and again at realizing how quickly this first year is going by!  Before I know it, we will be planning her first birthday party.  I can. not.  believe it.




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