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Six Months

November 18, 2009

Whoops!  Somehow, the five months post didn’t happen, and holycrap all of a sudden – six months!  SIX!  Six whole months.

So we’re only 5 days into six month-dom, but I can already confirm that so far, it rocks hardcore.  Maggie has become an utter delight.  She giggles, she flirts, she smiles and chatters, grabs my nose, and laughs when I nibble on her fingers.  She loves baths, her Johnny Jump Up, playing in her crib, hanging out with her cousins (or any big kids, for that matter) and snuggling with Mama in the mornings.  She hates having to change her clothes, being bored, and staying in the house all day.

She is absolutely the loveliest baby I have ever seen.

She is also the unquestioned master of the startled expression.

She is extremely determined, and she knows her own mind.  We are in month three now of her daytime nursing strike.  She refuses – absolutely REFUSES, even when very hungry – to nurse during the day, unless I manage to catch her the moment she starts to wake up from a nap and she’s too sleepy to protest.  However, she nurses overnight without any problem at all.  Her pediatrician suggested that perhaps, for whatever reason, she has decided that daytime is for bottles and nighttime is for nursing.  All I know is that life became incredibly more complicated when she stopped nursing – now I’m chained to the pump during the day.  I pump every three hours, for at least 30 minutes at a time.  During those 30 minutes, she sits next to me in her bouncy seat, more or less willingly.  However, she sometimes insists on sitting in my lap — and when she does, she pulls the tubes out of the bottles, screeching when I move her hands away.  CHILD.  STOP MAKING THIS HARDER.

She just started solids in the last week, and started them with a vengeance.  However, she is very particular about what she wants (shocking).  On the thumbs up list — anything I am eating.  On the thumbs down list — anything that she is actually SUPPOSED to eat.  Nothing on a spoon.  No cereal, no mushy baby foods, no veggies in a jar.

She is very verbal (not surprising, considering who her parents are).  She’s babbled for months now, but suddenly has unleashed a whole new repertoire of sounds.  Chief among them:  blah, bob, bah, da, ma, la.  It’s awesome to hear her little voice chirping away when I’m making dinner or folding laundry.  She is a wonderfully happy companion.

She is very, VERY much the product of her father and me — strong willed, determined, and in need of constant intellectual stimulation.  I said as much to her ped, and he said, “Yes, she might be quite a challenge.”  But that’s not what I meant at all — I meant all of those things as compliments, and hey, it means that I really understand my kid.  She takes after me.  🙂

I’m so, so glad that I don’t have to balance working full time and motherhood.  Staying home with her has been an incredible blessing, and I can’t imagine life any other way.  It’s a privilege to be her Mama, and to be her constant companion.

Maggie, you are your Mama’s sweetest, most precious girl.  I love you with all my heart.