Four Months (and one week)

September 21, 2009

Oh, my sweet, sweet child.



You take my breath away with how quickly you are changing!  In the last few weeks, you’ve discovered books (ones with pictures of babies are your favorite), toys, your feet, spitting, and developed the ability to pop your bink back in your mouth on your own.  In short, you are AMAZING.


You flirt shamelessly with anyone who smiles at you.  It’s a real joy taking you out in public, because you quickly entrance everyone you meet with your big smile, sparkly eyes, and coquettish little ways.


Alas, you remain on the small side, which worries me sometimes.  You’re 90th percentile for height (25.5″ at four months), but slid from 50th% to 25th to 10th to under 10th for weight, and so I have made it my mission to put some chunk on you.  It’s not easy when you are far too interested in the world around you to pay attention to eating!  In fact, you’ve been on a daytime nursing strike now for nearly a week, and I’ve had to pump and bottle feed you.  Nonetheless, you are now putting on nearly an ounce a day, and I hope for some big chunky thighs soon.  🙂


I’m pretty sure you’re in the 125th percentile for feet, though.


The two of us in our “natural habitat.”


A tired, but blissed out Mama.

I can hardly stand how much I love you sometimes.  It hurts my heart.

Staying home with you – and watching you grow, develop, and seeing your personality evolve – has been the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten.  Sure, sometimes it’s hard (like the past week, when the entire Boyd family was sick with the flu and I could barely get my head off the pillow to take care of you), but I know how quickly you will grow up and grow away.   And although I am excited for that – excited to see you become a toddler, then a big kid, and then all grown up — I want to capture these moments and this time of your life in my memory forever, because this period is so completely, wholly golden and it will be gone forever before I know it.

I love you.

papa and maggie'



5 Responses to “Four Months (and one week)”

  1. Matt Says:

    That third picture down; she is the loveliest baby in babytown! I can’t stand it; it looks like she’s wearing make-up! (But really it’s just slobber and bags under her eyes 🙂 )

  2. sparklepirate Says:

    She truly is. We made a masterpiece. 😀

  3. sparklepirate Says:

    Oh but actually, she’s totally wearing foundation makeup in that picture, and false eyelashes, press-on nails and hair extensions. Gotta make her learn early that beauty is important.

  4. Matt Says:

    Baybee Press On Nails! It’s the newest in new.

  5. I like the resting with Mama pictures the best, but my God what a little sparkle-eyed flirt. She is adorable. And the stripes! Working the stripes.

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