2 weeks

May 28, 2009

I’ve been meaning to write something here for several days now, and it just ain’t happening. Other things keep taking priority — you know, things like eating, feeding Maggie, showering, etc. But! Here are some pikturs of my lovely little lady:


She makes this face after every feeding. I think it is super cute.

She’s put on weight, and is now an even 8 pounds! Love the chub rolls!




I’ve had some time to process the whole experience of delivering Maggie now, and I’m really starting to realize just how bad the outcome could have been — and be rather frightened in retrospect, even though we’re all totally fine now. I was more or less unconscious during the worst of it – when I started hemorrhaging and the midwife had to go in and yank my placenta out – so I don’t have the awful visuals that Matt does. But I’ve realized now that what happened could have ended very, very badly had I delivered at home, as I wanted to. I could have bled out and died before we were able to get to a hospital; even with the emergency treatment I received, I still lost four times as much blood as I should have. As rare as it is these days for fatal complications to occur in childbirth, they *do* happen, and I’m very, very thankful that I was where I could get immediate care.



4 Responses to “2 weeks”

  1. CameliaSinensis Says:

    God, she is beautiful. I am so glad you are doing fine, Lucy. We love you so much.

  2. Phil Says:

    Yep – makes you grateful for dr’s and nurses who knew what they were doing and took care of everyone.

  3. thebigJC Says:

    I agree with Mr. Phil. Of course I am bias, but when MrsbigJC worked at the big hospital they had alot of high risk births (they had a nicu within steps of the birth floor) and they always seemed on top of their stuff… specially when the missus was cracking the whip (though I am sure she was just as fun to work for when she was doing the hammer dance). I am extremely confident in our doctor and the nursing staff that we will have… I have worries, but not because of the lack of confidence in them.

    I am very happy that she is happy and healthy, You guys will have your hands full when she grows up!

    The last pic is adorable

  4. artemisia Says:

    if you dont have time to post regularly, just feed us loooots of pictures!!!


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