38 weeks — and week #1

May 22, 2009

Today, I would have been 38 weeks pregnant. One week ago today, I gave birth to our daughter.

38 weeks
shown above – one sleepy baby and one mama with freshly painted nails and toes, OMG!

The milk fairy has arrived, and has brought with her gallons and gallons of breastmilk. I am producing FAR more than Maggie could ever eat. Matt and I just dumped five bottles down the sink that I produced yesterday because I had already filled the fridge up with five more from today! I’m trying to get my milk in line with what Maggie actually eats, but I’m wary of ending up engorged as well. So for now, I’m breastfeeding her as much as possible and pumping as little as possible – just enough to relieve the feeling of having rocks in my boobs. It’s a pretty awesome feeling, though, knowing that I have an abundance of tasty, nourishing milk for my baby. (And yes, I know it’s tasty because I did try it — it tastes sort of like melted vanilla ice cream.)

High five


We had a great day today. Maggie slept and ate well overnight, so I woke up feeling fairly human. I fed her throughout the day in her nursery, which is an awesome, warm place. The window was open so I had a breeze, and could smell freshly cut grass.




Let’s hope for many other good days and nights!

Happy birthday, Maggie. Mommy and Daddy love you LOTS!



5 Responses to “38 weeks — and week #1”

  1. camelliasinensis Says:

    I think you can freeze the milk!

  2. Jessica Says:

    She’ll catch up with your production faster than you know. I honestly think the breast pump is one of the world’s best inventions. If and when you need a break to sleep for longer than 3 hours, you can always turn to Matt to do a late-night bottle feeding with your refridgerated supply. Or, better yet, have a quick date with your hubby and have the goodie in a bottle for the sitter.

    I froze some of my early milk, but when we went to try to use it (it only lasts 3-4 months), it no longer tasted like coconuts, but instead like vomit, so the frozen stuff is being trashed. Worth experimenting though.

    How relieved are you that you’ll be able to sleep on your stomach again?!

  3. Yeah, we stuck some in the freezer as well, but since my milk was transitioning a few days ago, it made sense to toss it and keep the mature milk instead. (I can’t believe how much I have learned about breastmilk in the last week.)

    Jessica – Ah, but the problem now with me sleeping longer than three hours is that my boobs will be rock hard by the time I wake up! 😀 I actually woke myself up last night for a feeding before Maggie was hungry because my boobs were screaming. It’s amazing how quickly breastfeeding/pumping turned from something that gave me anticipatory sweats of pain to something that is a LIFESAVER.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Granite boobs rule! Makes you feel like a Vegas stripper with gigantic fakies.

  5. MKD Says:

    we almost got the SAME crib!

    She is soooo freaking cute! We love you guys!

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