Maybe I’ll get killed for this

May 15, 2009

Matt here. This is post number 101.

Margaret Rose was born at 10:44pm on 5/14; 7# 10.5oz; 21″

My mother took Lucy to the hospital the previous day due to some leaking of the water. To help labor along, that evening she was given medication to ripen the cervix, after which they were going to induce at around noon on 05/14.

Her water burst on its own in a big gush at around 4am. After already being awake for 24 hours, Lucy’s contractions almost immediately began on their own. My mom showed up and provided support for the duraton of the delivery. Lucy did an excellent job unmedicated with some extremely intense contractions for about 11 hours. At that point, however, the contractions started to become less frequent and less intense.

Because she seemed to be leaking amniotic fluid the previous afternoon, the staff was concerned about a protracted labor and increased infection risk (+24hrs since rupture of membrane).

At this point Lucy accepted their recommendation to receive an epidural and pitocin to keep her body cranking and get the thing out. She was almost completely exhausted and in that regard the epidural was a godsend.

She slept for approximately 3 hours while her contractions were strong and consistent.

She began pushing in the evening. The certified nurse midwife (CNM) conducting the delivery was absolutely EXCELLENT and helped Lucy direct her force at the most effective times and with the most effective force vector.

The nurse assigned to us recognized my mom as her high school nurse. She told us that she attributed her decision to become a nurse to my mom. She had specifically requested to be assigned to us. Her support was amazing.

Between the RN and the CNM, the standard of care we received was absolutely top notch.

Lucy pushed with all of our assistance and support. She worked like I’ve never seen anyone work before. She kept at it for three full hours, breaking only during contractions that weren’t particularly strong so as not to waste effort.

We knew the baby was coming because that girl had a full head of hair that preceded her.

There were a couple of tense moments immediately after the birth which were, at the time, terrifying. Due to a retained placenta, Lucy began bleeding out and had her blood pressure drop to something like 40 over 20. She turned a whitish orange and just plain fell out. That scene was like something out of a horror film – blood and gunk was everywhere. The midwife coated her arms in iodine and went straight in there to get the placenta out. Thank god Lucy was essentially passed out because that would’ve been painful! Speaking of which, despite all that, Lucy didn’t rip.

After coming out, due to the meconium-contaminated amniotic fluid, the baby had to be suctioned – stomach/lungs etc. After this it still took her longer than usual to get color and start moving the way she should’ve been. The medical staff seemed very concerned. Due to the double-trauma going on I couldn’t focus on each at once so I would just hear words from each side. Bad words like NICU. Hoo boy that sucked.

Within 5 minutes everything was completely under control and everyone was back to functioning normally. But in that period I was worried that they would both die, and that wasn’t pleasant.

Now they are resting comfortably together. Everything is good. We are all looking forward to going home. Thanks everyone for your support throughout, for all of your kind comments, and everything. This blog will be a really cool record to have for our little girl for some day when she’s a mother-to-be.


6 Responses to “Maybe I’ll get killed for this”

  1. ChiaLynn Says:

    That is absolutely fucking thrilling, and absolutely fucking terrifying, and I want to give all of you (and Mike Jones) the biggest fucking hug right now.

  2. Queenie Says:

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful name!
    I’m so glad to hear you’re all doing fine. Thanks for posting, Matt!

  3. MK Says:

    So happy all is well. I cannot wait to meet this bebe!

  4. artemisia Says:

    thanks for posting matt, huge hugs

  5. Phil Says:

    Great news, and congratulations.

    glad to hear all is well.

    Just promise you won’t let l’il Maggie Rose ready any of my comments.

  6. mellowblonde Says:

    Oh YAY! As a longtime reader from way back in the Rhinestone Cowgirl days…2005 maybe 2006…I am beyond excited to read this very good news!

    Congratulations to you both!

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