In the hospital

May 14, 2009

it’s wicked hard to type on Matt’s laptop so I’ll make this short – I’m in the hospital being induced. my waters maybe or maybe did not rupture today (tests go both ways!) but my BP is up again and that, with some other factors, have led my midwives to conclude that induction is the way to go. sooooooo….. we should have a baby tomorrow, inshallah! wish us luck!


9 Responses to “In the hospital”

  1. MK Says:


  2. Amy Says:

    Lots of good thoughts for the whole family!

    • Jessica Says:

      Oh my gosh I can’t wait to see pictures! How exciting!! I remember heading to the hospital for induction and the tears of joy and relief that came with the realization that it was all really happening. Here is to a quick labour!

  3. sheburtsy Says:

    good luck!

  4. artemisia Says:

    i cant wait to see pictures either, good luck! and email me your home adress so i can send you something


  5. Phil Says:


    Would it be too much to ask you to “live blog” while it happens?

    Your world is about to be turned on it’s ass…for the better. Congrats!

  6. She left herself logged in; this is Matt. I am having enough trouble sending out e-mail updates every four hours; live blogging is not only out of my capability but also sort of not worth doing. I am finding out that there isn’t much more to labor than hard work and patience.

    As of 4:00pm, things are going well. She’s been laboring for about 12 hours now. Things are going well.

  7. Phil Says:

    I can tell Matt is stressed…his sense of humor has gone out the window.

    We will forgive you if you aren’t posting minute by minute….but let us know the outcome!

  8. Matt again. I got some sleep last night so the sense of humor is back now 😀 Honestly I wish I could’ve live-blogged it, because it would’ve been awesome to have a record of exactly what happened; I’ve already started forgetting most of it.

    The baby was born at 10:44pm; after getting over some meconium in the lungs and stomach, she got started just fine squalling and grasping.

    Everything is textbook perfect right now. Everyone happy and healthy. So good.

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