Well, shit.

May 5, 2009

It’s been a good news/bad news kind of day. I just got the bad news – my blood pressure has shot up dramatically since last week, and effective as of today, I am on bed rest until my BP either seriously chills the hell out or I deliver Biskit.

Wasn’t prepared for this one.

Hoo boy.


5 Responses to “Well, shit.”

  1. ChiaLynn Says:

    Well, THAT’S no good.

  2. sheburtsy Says:

    Is it time to send over exotic muscle men in loin cloths to rub you with massage oils, feed you tropical fruits and wave palm leaves at you? Perhaps that special group of geriatrics you called my attention to earlier would fit the bill?

  3. Phil Says:

    Haven’t you been instructed to quit your job as a Smoke Jumper?

    It’s KILLING you! It’s killing US!

  4. mkd Says:

    I’m bringing books!

  5. ChiaLynn: Indeed. I’m sure we’ll all be fine in the end, though!

    Shems: If you could arrange for those lovely senior citizens to come over and brighten my day – why yes. Yes, I’d love it. 😀

    Phil: But it’s saving the FORESTS!

    Does this mean I also have to give up my weekend gig as sword-swallower at the circus?

    MKD: Thank GOD for that!

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