Last week at work!

May 4, 2009

1. I’m so beyond thrilled — this is my LAST WEEK at the office. Woot! I’m going on maternity leave earlier than a lot of women do because I am (a) big as a house and just barely able to fit behind my desk anymore, (b) beyond exhausted all the freaking time, and (c) incapable of concentrating anyway. As soon as I announced my leave date, I felt 10 pounds lighter — I knew I was stressed about trying to continue to work until week 38 or 39, but I didn’t realize just how much until I moved it back to this Friday (week 36). Yay!

2. FAT FEET. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. I tried wearing my danskos yesterday and it was like putting a corset on my toesies. Right now, I have loosely-laced tennis shoes on, and even so, my feet hurt because my shoes are too tight. Now I understand how the saying “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen” came about — the lady in question was so hugely pregnant that her feet no longer fit in her shoes, and she was in the kitchen because she was trying to find a damn bite to eat already.

So, basically, she is me.

3. Weirdest side effect of pregnancy (and possibly of the surgery I had in 2000*): Whole swaths of my stomach feel dead to the touch right now. I discovered this while scratching my stomach the other day and suddenly realizing that I was skritching away but not feeling a thing. WEIRD.

4. I basically have two pairs of pants and three shirts left that still fit me. All other pants – no matter how stretchy, forgiving or XXXL, dig into the tender, stretched out skin that’s under what used to be my waist. All other shirts go as far as my belly button but no farther.


5. Huzzah – we have furniture!!! My mother in law went NUTS and bought us a crib, dresser, glider, footrest AND a rocking chair for good measure (and yes — all of it is MUCH nicer than our own bedroom furniture. Biskit is more stylin’ than us already.). MIL also sent Matt’s Dad over yesterday to help assemble everything (possibly the greatest gift of all, because Lord knows I wouldn’t have been any help). I feel so good knowing that we are almost done with Biskit’s room.

6. Dear Biskit:

I will hit 36 weeks on Thursday. Now, I understand if you’re still baking and need an extry week or two, but I want you to know that you should not feel at ALL obligated to wait until week 40 to show up. Indeed, I would be EXTREMELY THRILLED if you decide to make an appearance, say, anytime after Thursday night.

See you soon,

* I had a presacral neurectomy in 2000 for endometriosis. I’ve noticed dead areas since the surgery before – most notably on my upper left thigh – but never my stomach. I love that one of the “complications” of a PSN listed in the article is “painless labor.” Oh, WOE if that were to happen to me!


2 Responses to “Last week at work!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Home stretch and everyone’s healthy.

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