31 weeks

April 2, 2009

I’m pretty sure Biskit is going through a growth spurt. Not only has eating become almost full time job for me (you know it’s bad when you’re actually SICK OF EATING SO MUCH, GOD), but — yeah. Remember when I said that my tum seemed to have stopped growing? NEVERMIND, for lo, I was full of crap.



Shirts that were loose just a few weeks ago are now stretched tightly across my tum. I’m glad I bought some dresses to wear over pants, because they are about the only things guaranteed to be long enough to cover my entire stomach at this point. I may have to resort to wearing galabeyas eventually!

So, it’s been a bit of a stressful week here at Biskit Headquarters. My favorite OB told me last week that he’s leaving the practice on May 1 — i.e., a full month before my due date. This piece of news set off a panicked search for a new OB (or midwife) who would be willing to take me on at 31 weeks along. We are meeting with one OB practice next week, and going to an open house at a midwifery practice the same evening. One bonus — the new OB practice does 32-week ultrasounds, so Matt and I will have a chance to see Biskit again before she’s born. My current OB did one at 20 weeks, but nothing after that. I can’t wait to see Biskit’s little face again. 🙂

According to the pregnancy books, she is probably about 16″ long from head to heel at this point, and weighs around 3 and a half pounds. Personally, I think she’s probably around 4 (or even more) – I feel like I am carrying one HUGE child. I am now getting the “You’re having twins, right?” question at LEAST once a day.

This weekend is our baby shower. I am SO excited! Hopefully we’ll be able to deck the nursery out afterward — we’ve held off on buying much of anything because we figured that people would end up giving us a lot of stuff and there was no point in ending up with duplicates. I will be SUPER thrilled to have her room ready for her arrival — right now, it’s still mostly empty (except for the mountains of diapers and wipes, which keeps growing thanks to the fact that I am AWESOME with coupons – I’ve been scoring BIG tubs of Huggies wipes for anywhere between $.49 and $.99 each lately. Go me!).

OH! And on the topic of self-congratulation, I am thrilled at how well Matt and I are doing in preparing financially for Le Biskit. When we started buckling down on money in a serious way back in November, we basically had nothing in our savings account. (It was so easy to be lazy about socking money away when we had no real savings goal in mind — I weep for our lost opportunities, but oh well.) This week, we hit the $12,250 mark. That’s $12,250 saved up in five months! We’re now living entirely on Matt’s salary, and although it’s definitely been tight at times, I think we are both getting a kick out of seeing just how far our money can stretch. We should be able to hit $15,000 by the time Biskit arrives, assuming that I work until at least the 35 week mark. It will be much harder to amass savings so quickly when my salary stops coming in, but I hope to save up enough money to cover six months’ worth of expenses before too terribly long.



5 Responses to “31 weeks”

  1. Matt Says:

    I am quite proud of us indeed. I really do not like sacrifice, but it is nice to see such tangible results so quickly.

    Is it wrong that I’m a little more excited about our vegetables that will be coming up in the next few months than I am about a savings rate of $2250 a month?

  2. I don’t mind the sacrifice when it’s for a good cause. And I DO like the fact that I sleep a little easier at night*, knowing that we aren’t without a safety net.

    *Well, relatively speaking. I don’t think ANYBODY in our house is exactly sleeping easily at the moment. 🙂

  3. Phil Says:

    Not to worry. Dr. Tac is an official amateur gynecologist, and will be glad to take over for the amount in your savings acct.

  4. Matt Says:

    That will probably be cheaper than the hospital stay. I WISH WE LIVED IN CUBA – MICHAEL MOORE SAID IT WAS BETTER!!

  5. I had started cutting way back in lifestyle a bit ago, not sure what triggered it, but before Recessionmania hit. I hated it, sure. You are actively doing without things you like having or doing.

    One thing it triggered was memories of both of my parents, and I feel I lost them too soon, but we won’t go there. However, from a very young age, and I know you and Matt will be doing this with little Biskit, I was taught to understand how money works. I was never given an allowance, and I’m not sure that is right, still. I was given responsiblility to help from a very young age, however. Don’t laugh, Lucy, but my mother was taught to make biscuits by age three, while standing on a chair by the stove.

    I was taught to iron very young…a lowered board…start with things small like hankies or hand towels. I was taught yard work, trimming the edge of the sidewalk, weeding. Folding laundry. Learning to cook. Setting the table. Cleaning my room every Saturday and helping Mom dust. Children can produce more than you would believe. In the end, now without their teaching me more, I still remember things I was expected to learn and do, and the memory of that teaching is also something in my heart. Did we always like being the children on the block who had to do their chores first before play? No. My brother would bitch to anyone who would listen about having to dig out a basement entrance at age ten.

    So also, part of me returning to cutting back and savings? Mom and Dad. They lived it. You live it, and even if Biskit (and possibly other children)…somewhere down the road, she can always draw on it at will.

    Have a wonderful shower. Matt? If you are there, your job is to unbox and put things together and also go “ooooh.”

    As for “twins?” You look just fine. You’ve handled your pregnancy with grace and natural beauty. My God, woman, you belly danced with Biskit!

    So cruise control now. You’re headed for the finish with good practices in place and ready for your new family member.

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