27 weeks – third trimester, ahoy!

March 5, 2009

First, the “official” weekly photo (since yesterday’s fell just shy of the 27 week mark):



(Also shown — VPL. Normally this would make me CRAZY, but let’s get real, here — ain’t no way I’m wearing a thong at this point.)

Things you may not know about Biskit:

1. She falls asleep in the car when I’m driving, every single time. She might be the ONLY person in the history of ever to be lulled to sleep by my driving.

2. Other things which put her to sleep — any music with heavy drum & bass and/or guitar. She finds Led Zeppelin, Skynard, and Prince all equally soothing.

3. She perks right up when Daddy plays his guitar, though. 🙂

4. She really enjoys doing this weird thing in my tum that feels for all the world like a bird frantically flapping its wings. I have NO idea how she does this. Maybe she’s actually trying to fly.

5. She has kicked Mike Jones in the head. I was lying in bed the other day, and Mikey had his head snuggled up next to my tum when lo, Biskit gave a mighty WHAP! to my side. And Mikey’s eyes FLEW open, for she had aimed her wee foot right at his jaw. I can only imagine the fun those two are going to have together someday.


It’s not quite 11 a.m. yet, and I am already in dire need of a nap and food — probably not in that order. These days, I feel stuffed and starving simultaneously, thanks to my new teaspoon-sized stomach. It’s very weird to feel your stomach growling even as you think, “God, I’m SO FULL.”


Third trimester. The home stretch — it is in sight, and thank God for that. Being pregnant has been fun and all – and I certainly love lying in bed, feeling my sweet baby kick – but I’m really ready to be done. It feels like it’s been Christmas Eve for six months now, and I’m ready for Santa to bring my present already!



2 Responses to “27 weeks – third trimester, ahoy!”

  1. Matt Says:

    It’s a fight or flight response when I start playing the guitbox.

  2. asianpixie Says:

    The gift that keeps on giving…for the rest of your life!

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