Pregnancy weepiness, chapter 2

March 2, 2009

I’ve been working really hard the last couple of months to conserve money in anticipation of Biskit’s arrival. Those of you who have known me a while know that in the past, I have been terrible with money, digging myself into a debt hole more than once. So this newfound resolution to save, save save has been a marked change for me, and I have busted my freaking ASS in the process. Gone are the days when I would get manis, pedis and facials. Gone are the days when I would buy MAC or drop a couple hundred at Sephora. My style is strictly discount or thrift store now, and I’ve become an obsessive hunter of bargains.

So, having to spend money on new maternity clothes hit me really hard. I’d stretched my wardrobe as long as possible, wearing shirts until the point where I swear I could hear them whimpering in pain as they streeeeeetched over my belly. The one t-shirt that still fit had been worn so thin that holes had developed. Not only did I look like I was smuggling a beach ball underneath a kid’s t-shirt, but I felt ugly, too. Nothing like wearing too-small clothes with holes in them to make a girl feel feminine.

Alas, I struck out time and again when trying to get new clothes at thrift stores — either what they had was so worn out as to really be unwearable, or I couldn’t find maternity clothes at all. Reluctantly, I made the choice a few weeks ago to cough up $150 and buy some new things.

I was so proud of myself yesterday for scoring a bunch of tops, dresses and undershirts at Target and Motherhood Maternity, coming in juuuuuuust under my $150 budget. So this morning, I put on one of my new shirts, feelin’ all fine and lookin’ all pretty, ready to march downstairs to show off to Matt………. and discovered a hole, right underneath my right boob. In my BRAND NEW SHIRT, that was on SALE, and therefore UNREFUNDABLE/UNRETURNABLE (FUCK YOU and your CRAPPY CLOTHES and your SHITTY return policies, Motherhood Maternity). I spent $10 of OUR PRECIOUS MONEY on this goddamn shirt, and I cannot get it back. I have worked SO HARD to conserve our money and be a good steward of it, and POOF –$10 down the fucking drain. I know it may not seem like much, but when I’m driving 13 miles out of my way just to go to Aldi instead of “expensive” Safeway to save $20 on our weekly grocery bill, and transferring prescriptions to new pharmacies all over town just to get the benefit of their gift card programs, and giving up pretty much every little luxury I’d ever afforded myself, $10 is a LOT of money.

I feel ripped off, and angry, and cheated — and ugly. Because once again, I’m in a stupid fucking shirt with a hole in it.


8 Responses to “Pregnancy weepiness, chapter 2”

  1. ChiaLynn Says:


  2. ChiaLynn Says:

    Also, from what I was hearing at one of the two (!) baby showers I went to this weekend, maternity clothes simply aren’t that well made – which sucks, and is probably the reason you can’t find decent ones at thrift stores, but is in no way your fault.

  3. From what I can tell, they really aren’t well made at all. It’s infuriating because you’re totally at the mercy of the maternity stores – unless you’re one of those lucky Nicole Kidman types who barely even shows until the end, you HAVE to buy maternity clothes at some point. It sucks.

  4. Eleanor Blackford Says:

    awww, mamma! I’m sorry you don’t feel pretty. I can assure you that you are though. And I totally get that $10 is a lot of money.

    ps. check out the Shape of a mother blog – google it. it might make you feel better.

  5. Thanks, Eleanor. I’ve read shape of a mother for a while, but I haven’t visited in a few months. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  6. Jessica Says:

    Have you tried craigslist? Mimi Maternity has much better made clothing, but it’s expensive retail and I’m sure there are lots of women who are done having kids who are trying to sell their maternity stuff.

  7. asianpixie Says:

    Have you tried Shoppers? When we started going there, our grocery bill was cut in half.

  8. Nepenthe Says:

    Ugh! Yes Motherhood Maternity sucks! I bought a shirt there on clearance and halfway down the arm-seam there was a thread sticking out. They charge too much also for their cheap-ass unflattering clothes.

    I like baby gap maternity clothes – they seem to be better-made, although I wore one so much it already has a hole developing…way more comfy and better fabric than MM.

    And Target – OMG – it’s cheap AND good. I bought pants there that I have worn every single day.

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