A first

February 22, 2009

Last night, we sang Biskit to sleep with a combination of Neutral Milk Hotel, Hush Little Baby (with some of the foulest lyrics known to man) and Baby Mine. She had been kicking so hard that she actually made me gasp/groan out loud a couple of times, and so Matt decided that some lullabies were just what she needed to settle down a wee bit. And I’ll be damned if she didn’t proceed to do just that. My sweet baby.

Matt’s also started picking out lullabies on his guitar. Have I mentioned how much I love my super-mega-awesome-amazing husband lately? For I love him so VERY, very much. Great goddamn, am I lucky!



4 Responses to “A first”

  1. Matt Says:

    It’s going to be awful hard to play soft sweet lullabyes with a big old dreadnought acoustic. GO TO SLEEP! GO TO SLEEP!!!

  2. Stairway to Heaven? I Wanna Be A Headbanger?

  3. Eh, it’s loud in utero so really, we don’t have to be all THAT quiet with the lullabies. In fact, plenty of babies fall asleep to the sweet sounds of the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer. 🙂

  4. asianpixie Says:

    I hope it was Holland, 1945.

    They say that you can mold musical preferences in utero. So I am glad she is being exposed to good music early.

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