21 Weeks

January 22, 2009

I’m pretty sure that the Biskit is running a marathon in utero lately, because she is just incinerating everything I eat. Other moms have warned me that this only gets worse toward the end! I find that hard to believe because I am STARVING every couple of hours already. What the heck are you doing down there, sweetcakes?!


Biskit seems to have moved into my lungs overnight.  I walked up two flights of stairs at the office this morning, and was nearly prostate by the time I reached the landing.  Good time to practice my labor breathing, I suppose — hee hee hooooooooooooo.


Someone at work told me this morning that I “do pregnancy really well.”  I suppose this means I look good, which makes me happy.  Too bad I feel like a cross between an elephant and a tick!

All that aside, though, I am SO thrilled to be having my sweet little girl. I was excited for this baby before I knew for sure that the Weetus was a “she,” but now I’m just beyond words. My DAUGHTER. Oh my God! I’m going to have a daughter! I wish I could find more profound words at the moment, but I’m stuck – all I can say is that I am so passionately in love with her already. I cannot WAIT until I get to meet her face to face, and snuggle her little body close to mine.

My God.  My DAUGHTER.  My little love!


7 Responses to “21 Weeks”

  1. Matt Says:

    😀 That dress does look very good on you 😀

  2. Thank you, lonies! 🙂

  3. asianpixie Says:

    I know what you mean. I love that we know what we are having now. Our son and daughter exceed the love we feel for each other which didn’t seem possible. Ever.

  4. Matt Says:

    Speaking of which, AP, I’m so fucking happy for you both (you four) !!!!


  5. Phil Says:

    Oh, the shoes you will buy…! My God, the shoes!!

  6. CameliaSinensis Says:

    I love your dress! You look fabulous!!

  7. sparkles anon! Says:

    Thank you, everyone!!!

    AP — I’m SO THRILLED for you and MKD, too! I know what you mean about the love exceeding what you ever thought was possible. I love my little girl so fiercely already!

    Phil — Ohhhhhh, for sure. If she’s anything like her mama, anyway! 🙂

    CS — Thank you! The funny thing is that I used to wear this dress all the time a couple of years ago, and everyone thought I was pregnant when I wore it. Now that I AM, I look HUGE in it!

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