Eighteen Weeks and a New Year

January 1, 2009


In the last few days, I have suddenly been possessed by the urge to cook.

For anyone who knows me and my “the only thing I make in the kitchen is Cheerios” ways, this is VERY UNLIKE ME.  I guess Matt and I (and the Weetus) should just enjoy this urge while it lasts — I AM a good cook, when I choose to do it!

This week has been hard.  The parent of the company I work for went into Chapter 11 the day before Thanksgiving; on December 22, the subsidiary that is my immediate employer was bought out by a competitor.  All of us have been on tenterhooks since, wondering if our new corporate overlords would start axing jobs — this Tuesday, we got our answer when we learned that a rep from the new company would be stopping by our office that very day to fire people.  I immediately started hyperventilating — not only am I the newest hire in my office, but I am the highest paid employee – by far — with my job title.  I was SURE my ass was toast.  To my shock, I made it through the day with my job intact; unfortunately, a full third of my office was not so lucky.  This has only increased my intense desire to save, save save money wherever and whenever possible — if I’d lost my job on Tuesday, Matt and I would have been hit HARD.   I really can’t afford to be unemployed right now – not only am I visibly pregnant (a disadvantage in any market), but there are NO JOBS out there in my field (commercial real estate).  I just hope and pray that I will continue to be employed at least until the baby comes.

(Speaking of whom — the Bebe just squiggled around and kicked!  Hello, sweet cakes!!)

This week has also been hard because Matt and I have regretfully concluded that we just cannot sleep in the same bed together right now.  Between my ear-splitting snoring, multiple nightly trips to the bathroom, constant flipping over and restlessness, Matt just can’t get sleep worth a damn.  I woke up at 4:45 yesterday morning to the sound of his head thunking into the mattress, over and over — apparently I was sniffling loudly every thirty seconds.  (Damn stuffed up pregnancy nose!)  So, last night he inflated the mattress in the second bedroom, and I claimed our bed.  It was the first night that we have ever slept under the same roof but not in the same bed, and it absolutely killed me.  On the up side, though, Matt was able to sack out and sleep for a solid 10 hours or so, and he does seem to be substantially more cheerful today than he has in the past few weeks!

Off to the grocery store for me — there’s a recipe for garlicky spinach and white bean soup that I’m dying to make, and we only have half of the ingredients.    Ciao, and Happy New Year!



5 Responses to “Eighteen Weeks and a New Year”

  1. ChiaLynn Says:

    I made a white bean and sweet potato soup last year that was amazing (and I have no idea why I haven’t made it since) – here’s the recipe: http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=1662819

    I did use a pepper-infused olive oil instead of the suggested walnut oil, to give it some kick.

    I’m so sorry about your scary job week (and all the people who get to start the new year w/o jobs). My company’s struggling, but they’re very committed to not laying anyone off unless its absolutely unavoidable, which I do appreciate.

    And I think you need to claim extra waking-time snuggles, to make up for the sleeping-time snuggles you’re not getting.

  2. MKD Says:

    I HATE not sleeping in the same bed as AP but ever since that unfortunate accident she can’t do it. Plus I turn on my sides one billion times a night. I miss her.

  3. ChiaLynn: Wow, that soup recipe looks amazing! I will have to check it out.

    As for the employment situation — our office manager was already forced to fire five employees last year, and we all took a 10% paycut in lieu of further layoffs in October. We were already pretty stretched, alas.

    MKD: I hope AP recovers some point! Sleeping alone is very lonely.

  4. bettyjoan Says:

    Haha, I have that same recipe on my desktop, waiting to be prepped. Hope it turns out well! And just remember, as far as the sleeping arrangements go, “this too shall pass,” and soon enough you’ll be back in the same bed but fighting over who has to get up to feed/rock/change/coo at the wee lad or lass. 😉

  5. asianpixie Says:

    I hope MKD gets the urge to cook. We have been eating out far too many times based on her cravings.

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