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22 Weeks

January 31, 2009

(Hee. As I write this, Biskit is doing the in-my-belly boogie. Wheeee!)


She’s also been doing something weird and funny that I can’t even identify — it feels for all the world like she’s blowing raspberries in my tum. I know she can’t possibly be doing so, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what else it might be. It’s incredibly tickly, and so I’ve become suddenly prone to bursting into giggles at random moments. If I’m around you and I start laughing at an odd moment, don’t take it personally – I’m just being tickled by my baby. 🙂




January 26, 2009

I keep zig zagging between feeling all peaceful and zenlike with my pregnancy weight gain and panicky because OMG — stretch marks EV.ERY.WHERE. And I mean EVERYWHERE. I’m 21 weeks, people! I should not have zebra stripes all over my lower tum already (aaaaaand down below my bikini line. Lovely).

I keep getting wonderful compliments from people about my lovely pregnancy glow and very fecund-looking tum, which helps, but then I have to climb out of bed and end up scrabbling around like a drunken crab stuck on its back because my freaking stomach is in the way of everything. Or I notice that I now have Fat Lady wrists. Or I have to stop wearing my wedding band because my damn finger is just too pudgy for it now, and I think “I will never, ever have my pre-pregnancy body back.”

(Also, did I mention the stretch marks BELOW my bikini line?? Have you even ever heard of such a thing?)

I feel guilty for bitching when I’m doing such an amazing thing – growing a beautiful baby girl. I wouldn’t be NOT pregnant for anything, but — still. It would have been nice to have escaped the Curse of the Stretchmark.


21 Weeks

January 22, 2009

I’m pretty sure that the Biskit is running a marathon in utero lately, because she is just incinerating everything I eat. Other moms have warned me that this only gets worse toward the end! I find that hard to believe because I am STARVING every couple of hours already. What the heck are you doing down there, sweetcakes?!


Biskit seems to have moved into my lungs overnight.  I walked up two flights of stairs at the office this morning, and was nearly prostate by the time I reached the landing.  Good time to practice my labor breathing, I suppose — hee hee hooooooooooooo.


Someone at work told me this morning that I “do pregnancy really well.”  I suppose this means I look good, which makes me happy.  Too bad I feel like a cross between an elephant and a tick!

All that aside, though, I am SO thrilled to be having my sweet little girl. I was excited for this baby before I knew for sure that the Weetus was a “she,” but now I’m just beyond words. My DAUGHTER. Oh my God! I’m going to have a daughter! I wish I could find more profound words at the moment, but I’m stuck – all I can say is that I am so passionately in love with her already. I cannot WAIT until I get to meet her face to face, and snuggle her little body close to mine.

My God.  My DAUGHTER.  My little love!

20 Weeks (Okay, kind of late), and a Biskit

January 18, 2009

Wow. I’m HALFWAY done. Part of me feels like I just got pregnant, and part of me feels like I’ve been pregnant all my life. I opened up a purse today that I hadn’t used in several months, and found three anti-nausea lollipops. It felt like they were relics of a totally different, ancient, left-behind life. It’s so hard to imagine now NOT feeling my little Biskit moving around inside of me at night, kicking merrily and hiccuping!

(For that is what she’s doing right now, and OHMYLORD, it is hilarious and precious!)

Matt is very slowly recovering from the shock of hearing that we are having a daughter. VERY slowly. So far his name suggestions have included Chastity (Belt) and Virgin(ia). My friend Figgy very wisely pointed out that giving Biskit a name like that is a guarantee that we will be grandparents in 13 years or so. So….. we continue to be at an impasse on a name. For now, Biskit it is. 🙂

Gotta run – lunchtime!!

to Biskit!

Baby Mine

January 14, 2009

Baby mine, don’t you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part, baby of mine


Little one, when you play
Pay no heed to what they say
Let those eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear, baby of mine


From your head to your toes
You’re not much, goodness knows


But you’re so precious to me
Sweet as can be, baby of mine
Baby mine
Baby mine

Okay, I have been clearance to tell you that –

January 14, 2009

It’s a……..

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January 14, 2009

Well, we found out the sex of the baby today, but Matt wants me to wait a few days before posting it here.

For those of you I didn’t tell individually, feel free to make wagers.  😀

Today’s the big day!

January 13, 2009

Cross your fingers for a cooperative Bebe!! I can’t wait to find out for sure if we’re having a baby girl or a baby boy!

In the meantime, I post these — pictures taken of the belly at night. I feel HUGE.


K, I think I love you.

January 11, 2009

My friend K, on Friday night:  “I think you look absolutely AMAZING.”

Me:  “Lord, I feel so huge!”

K:  “No, no – you look great!  Your weight is all in your belly – you actually look like you’ve LOST weight around your neck and upper body.  You totally look like the ideal pregnant lady.”

K, bless your sweet sweet heart – I don’t think a WORD of what you said is actually true, but I love you for it anyway!


Nineteen Weeks

January 9, 2009

I’m bored and a little irritable today.


Maybe because I feel like a freaking heifer.

The scary thing is that I felt big when I was only nine weeks along and looked like this:


Now, I think I look pretty damn svelte at nine weeks — which probably means that in my ninth month, I will look back on the picture I took today and think, “Damn, I was so teeny!”

Shmeh. Time to go watch some televisions and zone out.