Stylin, Profilin

December 21, 2008

Oooh yeah, baby. Don’t let anybody ever tell you that pregnancy ain’t sexy.



Y’all, meet my new best friend – my belly support apparatus. Yes, it is VERY sad that I am already using this at sixteen weeks along, but frankly, vanity plays very little in my decision making these days. Ze belly has been hurting due to its rapidly expanding size and all the ligaments and whatnot that are getting stretched out, so I figured a little bit of support was in order. (I actually didn’t buy this – my newly post partum sister no longer needed it, so she gifted it to me. I probably would have held out a bit longer if I’d handed over my own cash, but now that I have it, I have no compunction about wearing it at barely four months along.) Unexpected bonus – it helps keep my damn pants from sliding off my ass! Who woulda thought that pregnancy pants had such a problem with staying up?

I wore it to bed last night to see if it would help with the monster stretching pains I’ve been having, and it did appear to make a difference. I still had to get up at 5 am to take some Tylenol to ease the worst pains, but at least I didn’t wake up six times because it felt like someone was taking a hacksaw to my pelvis.

So, sixteen weeks and change. I’m feeling the baby move a lot more these days — the flutters and bubbles are noticeable even when I’m not really paying attention. I’m honestly a bit surprised that I’ve felt her move so often and so early in my pregnancy — according to the wisdom of the internet, since I am a first-time-mom and also a generously proportioned one, I shouldn’t be feeling the baby move for another two or even four weeks yet! Then again, I DO seem to be gestating a wee acrobat (judging by my ultrasounds, anyway), so maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.

And, I’m off to buy some baby stuff! Happy Sunday!

PS — I don’t actually walk around with big white blobs/streaks on my clothes, although it looks that way by the pictures I post here.  I’m taking snapshots using our EXTREMELY ancient mirror, which is smudged and has paint marks and who knows what else.


8 Responses to “Stylin, Profilin”

  1. MKD Says:

    It looks like some weird S&M pregnant gear. Hot.

  2. (cough)

    Apparently my husband agrees with you.

  3. ChiaLynn Says:

    My husband heard “belly support apparatus” and thought you had a midget in a turban to walk in front of you, holding up your belly.

    That, or the straps should be made of bacon. (He’s very bacon-focused, this time of year.)

  4. Matt Says:

    Yes, that was the first thing I thought.

    Although incorporating bacon into the device somehow would take it to a whole novva levval.

  5. sparkles anon! Says:

    You all are sick, sick people — although I love your husband’s idea of a turban-wearing midget supporting my tum, Chia!!

  6. sparkles anon! Says:


  7. asianpixie Says:

    That is total crap about not being able to feel the baby early on. MKD had her first feeling at like 12 weeks but passed it off as gas (heh) since everyone was telling her it was way too early.

  8. Lucy Says:

    I’m totally starting to think that the conventional wisdom on how early you feel your baby move is bunk, AP. But who knows — every woman is different. 🙂

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