14 weeks

December 4, 2008

My baby may be the size of this:


But I am the size of this:


Holy feck.


I think I felt the baby move last night for the very first time. I was already 99% asleep when I felt the gentlest, tiniest ripple way down deep in my belly, but it was distinct enough to make my eyes pop right back open. I waited in vain to see if it would happen again, but alas — it must have been the Bebe’s one last kick before falling asleep herself. I’m excited to lay down tonight and see if it happens again!



8 Responses to “14 weeks”

  1. ChiaLynn Says:

    Oh, that’s exciting!

  2. Matt Says:

    Again, it was me. I tickle you as you’re falling asleep, and I say ‘I’m the baby! I’m the baby!’

  3. CameliaSinensis Says:

    You’re arching your back!!!!

  4. sparkles anon! Says:


    Matt, you can’t fool me. Your thick man fingers are NOTHING like a wee itty bitty baby’s.

    CS — I know, I know. But STILL.

  5. Jessica Says:

    Welcome to the fun weeks! You’ll have 99% of your energy back and you’re absolutely glowing – I can tell! I’ve been reading your updates like a fiend. Just wait til you feel a series of kicks – I know I started crying when I did. It’s the most amazing feeling in the universe and well worth all the pains of labor we experience later (so I say…having never delivered a child). Even cooler when your belly starts shifting side to side as the baby squirms.

    Do you have a good doctor? I’ve solicited the Playaz to deliver my baby in early January.

  6. Phil Says:

    We’ll be there, whether she wants us or not.

  7. asianpixie Says:

    Convinced it’s a girl? 🙂

  8. sparkles anon! Says:

    AP: I’m not buying girl clothes yet or anything, but I WOULD be pretty surprised if the 20 week u/s shows a twig and berries. It’s just a feeling I have. 🙂

    Phil: Are you all available for the christening, as well? I’m thinking “Bon-zette” if it’s a girl.

    Jessica: I’m REALLY looking forward to feeling the genuine, no-fooling kicks. Sweet indeed!

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