12 weeks!

November 21, 2008

I had my 12 week appointment today, and the most glorious thing happened.  After doing the usual exam, the doctor straightened up and said, “Well, I could check for the fetal heartbeat with the doppler, but the ultrasound room is open right now.  Why don’t we show you a picture, too?”  SCORE — the only thing this pregnant lady loves more than not vomiting is actually seeing her baby!

So we went to the ultrasound room, hooked me up, and THERE was our baby, JUMPING around, wiggling, kicking and punching like WHOA, and generally being fucking awesome, all while the heartbeat went THUMPATHUMPATHUMPATHUMPA.  Thriller Baby!!  Oh, how your little baby calisthentics delight me.*

In other news (lowers head, whispers)…. I think I’m feeling better.  Yes.  I  haven’t had to take a Zofran since Wednesday night.  I’m hoping and praying that I have turned the corner.

Happy weekend!

– Mamasita

*  Well, NOW, anyways.  It’s probably only a few short weeks before I actually start feeling all those kicks and punches landing on my bladder, my cervix, my gallbladder, etc.  Then I am much less likely to be enchanted, but for now – WHOA.  You’re a REAL LIVE BABY!  Kick kick kick!


6 Responses to “12 weeks!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Doin’ the backstroke . . .

  2. asianpixie Says:

    Fantastic news and appointment! I am so glad you are feeling better and that it didn’t last the entire pregnancy 🙂

  3. Phil Says:

    Regardless of what “doctors” tell you, it’s okay to punch back.

  4. Jessica Says:

    I felt my first kicks at 18 weeks on a red-eye trip to DC. It was the most glorious sensation and one that I have yet to tire of. I cried beneath my sleep-time eye-patch. Are you planning to find out the gender? My hubby and I have kept it a surprise – 6 more weeks of anticipation and counting until we know for sure.

    Congrats!! This is such exciting news! Keeping a diary and weekly belly pictures were going to be my bits of advice, but it seems you’re already on top of it!

  5. Eleanor Says:

    Hi there from Seattle!!! I can’t believe you’re preggers – congrats! I send all my love to my fave volunteers and Mr. Jones – hope all is well.

  6. Lucy Says:

    Thanks you guys! 😀

    Eleanor, HI! I hope Seattle is treating you well. 😀

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