Ahem. I have been remiss.

November 13, 2008

Apparently there is a post that I forgot to put up here, so I apologize to all – most particularly to my wonderful husband.  Here goes:

myhusbandistheawesomestintheuniver becausehewenttofourstorestogetmychargerthingthatbonesate andthendroveacrosstarnationtofindmemashed andgravies
andthenhewentallthewayupstairstoget gatoradesformybelly

So yes — in sum, my husband is AWESOME, and I would totally get knocked up by him if I weren’t already.  😀


7 Responses to “Ahem. I have been remiss.”

  1. Matt Says:


  2. Matt Says:

    All the way across’t it. From fronts to backs.

  3. asianpixie Says:

    This sounds vaguely familiar…

  4. And you are a champ for doing it, love. 🙂

  5. sheburtsy Says:

    I think you have been inadvertently been putting ideas in my husbands head. He now thinks he wants a dog. Who knows where that might lead. Look where it has lead you!

  6. MKD Says:

    Sorry for being out of the loop for so long. I was busy puking on myself. I think you can relate.

    I give major kudos to Matt. I also give major kudos to AP (esp. when I puke all over the inside of the car – sorry).

    I hope you are feeling better. Only a few more days to go hopefully before things start looking better.

  7. Lucy Says:

    Sheburtsy: So, what’s the word on the doggie? You know I am 100% behind you adopting. 😀

    MKD: Oh, honey. I was going to call you today, but I felt puketacular myself. All hail the spouses, for sure! Hang in there.

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