October 31, 2008

I have had just one too many comments today about how fast I’m putting on weight and MY, I sure hope you are only eating for ONE, and YOU SHOULDN’T BE SHOWING SO EARLY, YOU FAT FAT FATTIE.

FucketyfucketyfucketyfuckFUCKETYFUCKETYFUCK!  I don’t need this!!!


12 Responses to “Grrrrrrrrrr. and WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.”

  1. ChiaLynn Says:

    I was noticing in the picture you posted earlier how great your legs look. Also, you have a nice ass. Also, they can all fuck off.

  2. ChiaLynn, I think I love you.

  3. shems Says:

    you look great and fuzzy in the photo. Everybody carries their baby differently in their body. That has more to do with how much you show than how much you eat. People are jerks…

  4. Lucy Says:

    Bless your heart, Shemsie. I love you toos!

  5. CameliaSinensis Says:

    They are just jealous that they won’t be producing the World’s Most Beautiful Baby. Bitches.

  6. ChiaLynn Says:

    Also, my husband wonders why the fuck people think it’s okay to make comments about pregnant women, touch them w/o permission and generally treat them as something less than adults.

  7. sparkles anon! Says:

    Camelia, this baby WILL be gorgeous. It’s inevitable. 🙂

    ChiaLynn, it’s because I’m no longer the owner of my own body. Didn’t you know that being pregnant makes you public property?

  8. MKD Says:

    Damn girl. Your ass be workin all night long. Shit.

  9. Artemisia Says:

    it’ll better be the most beautifull baby cause i want to come an see it, all the way from over here!!!

    and i would actually tell them to fuck of. what on earth do they think they have a right to comment. your picture is beautifull…
    are you still dancing, that would be an amazing sight as well

    take 100nds of pictures!!

    hope the nause gets better soon!

  10. Awwwww (sniffle). Thanks, honeys. 😀

  11. Awwwww (sniffle). Thanks, honeys. 😀

  12. Toya Says:

    You look wonderful and beautiful and awesome and your baby will be a gorgeous blessing.

    Feel free to use the answer I gave folks: “I’m fat because I’m growing a person. What’s your excuse, lard ass?”

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