Dearest Thriller Baby

October 17, 2008

Why do you make me so sick?  Do you hate me?  Are you already expressing your dissatisfaction with your Mama?  Isn’t it a little early for rebellion against me?

I love you, but I am TOTALLY going to hold this over your head someday.



5 Responses to “Dearest Thriller Baby”

  1. asianpixie Says:

    I am all about holding things like this over a kid’s head. Oh the guilt trips!

    On a side note, I think “Jackson” should be in the name as a tribute to his/her early life. Don’t do “Michael”…it’s way too common and boring.

  2. Matt Says:

    Vomit Jackson Lastname?
    Jackson Pollack Lastname?

  3. CameliaSinensis Says:

    I was at a red light today and the car beside me was blaring that song, “Thriller”. I am certain I have not heard that song in years and lo and behold, there it was in all it’s glory today, in honor of the bebe. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. Oh, definitely no Michaels. 😀 And I’m prooooooooobably gonna veto “Vomit” in the name as well. 😉

    I have a feeling that, in years to come, the sound of “Thriller” will induce instant nausea in me….. much like the thought of saltines does right now.

  5. ChiaLynn Says:

    My mother thought she had the flu when she first got morning sickness. She insists that my name was nearly “Elvirus.”

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