Pregnancy hysteria? Check.

October 2, 2008

I am rapidly becoming a blubbering, sniveling mass of nerves, snot and tears thanks to the Bebe. Matt had to work on some stuff at a friend’s house last night, and left to my own neurotic devices, I was THISCLOSE to hopping in the car, heading to CVS and buying a raft of pregnancy tests just so I could MAKE SURE that somehow I hadn’t gotten unpregnant in the last 48 hours. The only things that held me back were the baked potato I was devouring and the sweet, sweet embrace of our couch. Mmm. Couchhhhh.

After Matt came home, I surrendered to my panicky feelings and ended up crying on his shoulder about how I just want this baby, soo soo soo much, pLEAAAAAAAAAASE don’t let anything bad happen to the Bebe, sooooooooooooooob.

(Sweetheart, I really appreciate your patience right now. I am fully aware of my hormonal hurricane-ness.)

The one surefire sign of pregnancy that I am holding onto with feverish fingers is the fact that I want MEAT. Now, maybe you know that I’m vegetarian by nature, but many may not be aware that I’m vegetarian not out of any high-falutin humane ideals or nothin, but because I am really, truly, wholly repulsed by meat products. BLECH BLECH DOUBLE BLECH. So the fact that I would give my right arm for a steak right now? Yeah, that’s a sign that I am surely carrying my husband’s spawn.


4 Responses to “Pregnancy hysteria? Check.”

  1. uniquealias Says:

    Indeed. A good steak – unaccompanied by starches or fiber, unsullied by sauces or syrups – is the best meal.

    The baby demands steak; paternity test unnecessary.

  2. I still am in shock that I’m craving one. BUT GOD, a steak sounds so good!

  3. CameliaSinensis Says:

    Steaks are really good with those yummy little mushrooms and gravy………..(drooling)

  4. CameliaSinensis Says:

    If Matt is the father, doesn’t the baby want BACON?!?

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