Pregnancy haze in full… haze. Or something.

October 1, 2008

Yesterday, I realized that (a) I was hungry every two hours, and (b) if I didn’t eat a little something every two hours, I would start to feel sick to my stomach.


Yesterday was also my first day without ANY COFFEE WHATSOEVER since — well, since…. I was 14? Thereabouts? PAINFUL.

By 3:30 p.m., I was swooning with fatigue. It took me two hours to type up two simple transmittal letters and get them in Fed Ex. At 4:15, I left work, went home, and passed out for two solid hours. I could have kept sleeping, but I needed to get up and eat something.

Meanwhile, my stomach clutches in painful worry spasms when I think of everything that could go wrong. THERE IS A VERY LONG LIST. I am normally not a worrywart, and in fact, I believe I have pooh-poohed the fears of pregnant women in the past (IN MY MIND – I don’t have a death wish). But seriously, what? Odds are on your side that everything will be A-OK, yo! Why be such a bonerkiller with your talk of ectopic pregnancies or what have you? Well, now I know why – it’s because pregnant women CANNOT HELP IT.
It is part of the package, like having tearful episodes out of nowhere when you decide that your husband OBVIOUSLY doesn’t even like you anymore.


I wish I could take the day off today, but I have a feeling that I’m going to need these days off even more in the next few months. So, time to get off the computer and get my ass in the shower.


Edited two hours later to add:


SO fucking tired. and feeling barfy.

Edited, um, six? hours later to add:

I just talked to a friend of mine, who told me that being so hungry and tired out (not to mention slightly nauseated) this early in the process is a good sign.  That’s the first thing anybody’s said so far that’s even faintly reassuring.

I keep feeling twinges and pulls in my lower abdomen, which I’ve heard is very common (and also exacerbated in women who have had endometriosis).  It feels like my uterus is waking up and stretching out its arms and legs.  🙂


8 Responses to “Pregnancy haze in full… haze. Or something.”

  1. asianpixie Says:

    This sounds very familiar! All the pregnant women I know have had similar experiences. Also, the long list is very scary and makes you wonder how any of us turned out remotely “normal” and relatively healthy.

  2. for serial. no way am I buying “what to expect when you’re expecting” because I hear that thing is just a rollercoaster of horror stories.

  3. MKD Says:

    chipotle will be your best friend.

  4. I heart chipotle right now.

  5. CameliaSinensis Says:

    You can have my copy of “What to Expect…” if you want it. I found it to be useful. It is good to be aware of what not to do/eat, etc. but you just have to not become an anal retentive obsessive neurotic freak about it all. Hard to do, I know…but doable. If I can manage to not be an anal retentive obsessive neurotic freak, ANYONE can.

  6. Matt Says:


    Steak, steak, STEAK, steak, Steak, Steak, steak, steaksteaksteak STEAK!

  7. Camelia, I’m well on my way to being an obsessive neurotic freak about this, unfortunately. I’ll skip “What to Expect” for now. 😀

    Matthews! You’d better make me a steak soon! The baby needs MEATS for its FEETS!

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