still in shock!

September 30, 2008

I’m still stunned that the pregnancy tests were positive (yes, “tests” plural, because I took a second one just hours after the first, just to MAKE SURE that the first test wasn’t playing a joke on me). I felt so fucking proud when Matt came home last night. I was already in bed, snuggling with Bones and reading “Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy.” Matt leaned over and gave me about a million smooches, then put his head down near my stomach. “HEY! KICK, BABY! KICK!” I told him that we’re still about, ohhhh, five months away from that point. 😀

Despite both of us being utterly exhausted, we were up past 11 just gabbling excitedly like two kids. Just, WOW! Wow wow wow wow wow!

As of last night, I have to add a new symptom on to the list that already includes pregnancy boobs, hormone-induced crying jags, fatigue and brief bouts of nausea — having to pee ALL THE TIME. I left work last night at 5:45 pm to head to class, and took a bathroom break just before I left. By the time I arrived at GU just a half hour later, I already had to pee again, URGENTLY. From what I hear, this only gets better!  Edited later to add:  Also, blood sugar plunging fairly regularly; when I’m hungry, now, I’m AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHG, SO FUCKING HUNGRY!!!  Also, experiencing the beginnings of cravings for meat.  WTF?  Definitely not me.  The baby must want that barbacoa burrito from Chipotle.

As of today, I’m almost five weeks along. Estimated due date: June 4, 2009.

I keep rubbing my tummy. Hello, baby!


4 Responses to “still in shock!”

  1. asianpixie Says:

    I think Chipotle is the quintessential craving. It has the protein, saltiness, and most food groups all in one tidy packaging!

  2. I surrendered this morning and ordered one. now I just need to wait long enough to go get it at a decent lunch hour, as opposed to RIGHT NOW.

  3. CameliaSinensis Says:

    Stating the obvious: ALWAYS carry food with you. Granola bars, apples, anything portable. You may not want it, but as you know, IF you do…

  4. Camelia, I’m normally a big fan of having food with me at ALL TIMES, but now I’m an even bigger fan! I stashed a box of granola bars in the car yesterday, and am really glad I did since I started feeling a bit woozy on the drive in today. 🙂

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